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Laser Applications

Nowadays the laser is established as a versatile tool in many industries. Whether it is in material processing in the automotive-, aircraft- or ship-building, in the semiconductor industry, in medicine or in food technology, lasers of various types are used everywhere.

Most widespread is the carbon dioxide laser for cutting and welding of different materials. The laser radiation at 10.6 microns (infrared light) is invisible for the eye, but very energy-rich. This radiation is produced by excitation of CO2 molecules, which also gave the name of the laser. In addition, nitrogen is needed as an energy carrier and helium as cooling gas. Often the laser is equipped with a gas mixing unit. In this case the pure gases in high quality (CO2 4.5, N2 5.0, He 4.6) are used. Due to better reproducibility more and more ready-mixed resonator gases become accepted. Messer offers the Megalas ® standard mixtures as the ideal products, specially blended for each laser type.