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The Helium atom is the most frequent element in the universe after hydrogen. Based on the outstanding physical properties of Helium, such as the inertness, the low molecular weight, the high diffusion capacity, the high thermal conductivity and the extremely low boiling point, it is well suited for numerous applications in many different industries. 

Industrial Manufacturing of Helium

The atmospheric concentration of helium on earth is only about 5 ppm, which is too less for an economically separation from air. For this reason, the industrial production is realized by natural gas fields containing significant amounts of helium. These natural helium reservoirs allow an economical extraction. Our extensive experience as a helium gas supplier enables us to fulfill the high quality demand of our customers.

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Applications of pure Helium

The unique properties of helium allow a variety of different applications. Typical examples are the use as a shielding gas for Cutting & Welding or Laser application. A very popular application of helium is the use as a lifting gas for balloons and air ships. Divers know helium as a component in special breathing gas mixtures to reach greater depths. Apart from that, pure helium gas has a number of specialized application:

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