Welding services

Welding services

Consulting, by phone and on-site

Messer offers a comprehensive program of gases, which is not always a matter of course. But that is far from all.
We can give advice on the choice of process or on questions of automation, we can tell you which type of supply - cylinder, bundle or cryogenic liquid supply - is the right one for you. We would also be glad to talk to you about the cost-saving potentials which may exist for your company in welding, cutting and related processes.
We would be happy to advise you!

On-site troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems in your manufacturing processes, we will carry out analyses of our products free of charge and help you remedy the faults. The main focus is on measuring moisture and oxygen. This makes it possible to eliminate other error sources at the same time.

Process optimisation

We can help our customers optimise their existing production process. This can be done either on site or at our technical centres in Europe.
Our equipment enables us to flexibly supply and mix individual gas mixtures or various standard gas mixtures on site. All the parameters are determined on the customer’s system, eliminating the need for subsequent correction. A comparison of product quality –before and after – can be seen straight away.
If production cannot be interrupted, we prepare the conversion in one of our technical centres. To do this, we use the same components as used by the customer and determine new production parameters in our welding laboratory.
To ensure cost-effectiveness, we will prepare a costing on request.

In order to be able to ensure the quality of your products, we will arrange the necessary tests on request. These include:

  • Macrosections
  • Microsections
  • Radiographic tests
  • Layer thickness measurements
  • Measurement of penetration and blending
  • Temperature measurement
  • Measurement of current and voltage parameters
  • X-ray tests

Research and development

Our activities in research and development also benefit our customers. In the course of our projects we are gaining a detailed insight into the individual welding processes and at the same time developing special gas mixtures.

In arc spraying, the liquid material is atomised conventionally by compressed air.
The deposition process can be controlled through the targeted use of nitrogen, argon, oxygen and other gases. This results in a focussed coating jet with less overspray and reduced oxide formation.

before                         after  

When welding aluminium, once the thickness of the material exceeds a certain value, then preheating is necessary. With complex components, this is often impossible due to lack of accessibility. In these cases, the additional energy needs to come from the welding process.

Centre of excellence - welding and cutting

We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding the selection of a shielding gas for welding. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overview of the gases for welding


MAG, MIG, TIG and forming gases

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