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Equipment Central Gas Supply Introduction

Central Gas Supply

In general, pressurized gas cylinders should be positioned outside of work areas. With a central gas supply, the gas cylinders are placed in a separate room or even outside the building. The cylinders are connected to a pressure control panel of the central gas supply system, consisting of a pressure regulator, pressure gauges for indication of cylinder and line pressure as well as purge and shut off valves. The central gas supply also includes fixed pipelines for the supply of gas to the individual points of use, where the gas consumers are connected via tapping points. At the tapping point the line pressure is reduced to the required working pressure. A pressure gauge indicates the current working pressure.

The parallel connection of two cylinders or bundles is recommended for continuous central gas supply. In this case, gas is always withdrawn from one container, while the other is connected on standby. In the simplest case, changeover from one cylinder to the other is done manually. However, for central gas supply systems there are also pressure control panels available which provide automatic changeover between the containers. Pressure control panels are equipped with pressure gauges for indication of the cylinder and outlet pressures. The panels can be supplied with contact pressure gauges, which notify if the cylinder pressure drops below a certain preset level. This signal can be passed to a low-pressure alarm panel.



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Nested Applications

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Nested Applications

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