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The hydrogen atom is the lightest and most frequently occurring element of all. On earth, we can usually find hydrogen in bonded form in water and hydrocarbons. Only a small amount of hydrogen is in molecular form. The molecular form of hydrogen consists of two atoms (H2), which are bonded to each other. At ambient temperature and pressure, it is in the gaseous state. The chemical and physical properties of hydrogen, especially the flammability and the high heat capacity, allow a wide range of applications. The combustion of hydrogen gas forms water and at the same time a significant amount of energy is released. 

Industrial Manufacturing of Hydrogen Gas

On the industrial scale hydrogen gas is mainly produced from fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal or by electrolysis of water. The most common processes are steam reforming and coal gasification. Based on the scarcity of fossil fuels and the ambitions to synthesize renewable energy sources, the term green hydrogen became very prominent over the last couple of years. This term means production of hydrogen gas by using renewable energy sources like wind or solar energy to run water electrolysis.

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Applications of Hydrogen Gas

The main industrial applications of hydrogen gas are the use as a raw material in ammonia and methanol synthesis as well as the desulfurization in refinery processes. Further important applications of hydrogen gas are the hardening of fats in food industry, the heat treatment and the use as shielding gas (forming gas) in metal processing. Pure hydrogen has some special applications:

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