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Calibration Gas for Individual Purposes

Calibration Gas for Individual Purposes

The highest demands apply to a calibration gas when they are used for the operation of sensitive analytical instruments in quality assurance, safety technology, emission or environmental monitoring. All methods of analysis currently used in practice are comparative methods. This means that the analyzer must be calibrated before quantitative measurements are possible. In the case of gas analysis, this is generally carried out by calibration gases with a defined composition. Messer offers individual calibration gas to realize appropriate and reliable calibration of analytical equipment. We follow a strict quality management system in order to ensure manufacturing with the highest quality standards.

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Composition of a Calibration Gas

Composition of a Calibration Gas

The composition of a calibration gas varies from application to application - this ranges from simple binary mixtures in the %-range to multicomponent mixtures in the ppm- or even ppb-range. Due to the nearly unlimited range of possible mixtures, Messer produces most calibration gases as individual gas mixtures according to customer specifications. The individual gas mixtures are characterized by their detailed composition, expressed in an agreed unit, the production tolerance, the uncertainty of the certified composition and the stability period. As a calibration gas manufacturer, Messer produces individually to the customers specification.

Characterization of gas mixtures

Calibration Gas Categories

Calibration Gas Categories

The required specification of a calibration gas clearly depends on its application. A typical example is the use as a gas chromatography calibration standard. In order to meet the various demands optimally, Messer offers a variety of calibration gas categories. These calibration gas categories define the tolerance, uncertainty and stability period.

For many applications, a calibration gas uncertainty of +/- 2% rel. is used. We offer these as Labline mixtures, usually with a production tolerance in the range of +/- 5% rel. For high precision measurements, we recommend calibration with Topline mixtures with an uncertainty of less than +/- 1% rel. Labline and Topline mixtures can be produced with a wide range of different components in the %- and ppm-range. For trace analysis, for example in environmental monitoring, Messer offers Traceline mixtures with concentrations in the ppb-range.

Each calibration gas cylinder is supplied with a certificate of analysis (according to EN ISO 6141). Besides the rated and actual composition and its uncertainty and other technical data, the expiration date is also stated on the certificate. The standard stability period of a calibration gas is one year. Depending on the chemical properties of the components and the concentration range, Messer also offers many calibration gases with a prolonged stability period of up to 5 years (Longlife-option).

Calibration Gases Mixture Categories

% rel.
% rel.
no certificate
2-10 %
1-100 %
5 %
10 %
5 - 1000 ppb
< 12
2 %
5 %
1 ppm - 100 %
< 1 %
< 5 %
10 ppm - 100 %
Longlife option 24/36/60: prolonged stability period (24/36/60 months)
Accredited option: with calibration certificate from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory


Accredited Gas Mixtures – Calibration Gas of Highest Quality Level

Accredited Gas Mixtures – Calibration Gas of Highest Quality Level

The ISO 17025 specifies the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. For example, a laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025 has proven its competence to carry out calibration as well as to manufacture and analyze gas mixtures. 

The ISO 17034 describes the general requirements for the competence of reference material producers. A manufacturer accredited according to ISO 17034 is competent to produce certified reference materials (CRMs). 

In general, a calibration gas certified by an accredited laboratory plays an important role in analytical chemistry as they satisfy the highest metrological standards. Calibration gases are primarily used in laboratories, which are subjected to GMP or ISO 17025 regulations.

In Europe, Messer operates four laboratories with an accreditation according to ISO 17025. 

Our plant in Switzerland is accredited according to ISO 17034, thus we have the competence for manufacturing certified reference materials (CRMs). As a manufacturer of certified reference materials (CRMs), we proved the reliability of our processes, validated our technical expertise and showed our commitment to quality. 

Our long-term experience in manufacturing and analyzing individual calibration gas mixtures and the skills of our teams enable us to offer highly accurate and traceable products.

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Equipment for Calibration Gas Cylinder

Equipment for Calibration Gas Cylinder

For reliable calibration of analytical equipment, especially in the low concentration range, it is essential to eliminate any influence changing the composition of the calibration gas cylinder. This also involves the use of suitable withdrawal equipment. Messer offers appropriate calibration gas regulators and gas supply systems to preserve the quality of the gas mixture and to ensure safety.

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