revised: Customer process cladding in the Welding & Cutting sector


Change of surface properties


The aim of coating construction components is to create surface properties that the base material does not have. Important characteristics include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Thermal or electrical resistance or conductivity
  • Optical properties

Often it is metals that are coated. Here methods are used whose principles of operation are known from joining technology, such as:

  • Soldering
  • Electric arc welding
  • Shield gas welding,
  • Plasma-powder welding

For heat sensitive or non-metallic components special processes have been developed, such as:

  • Thermal spraying
  • Vacuum-coating
  • Electro- or immersion bath-galvanisation
  • Chrome plating

revised: Application technology cladding in the Welding & Cutting sector


Change of surface properties

Overview of the gases for welding


MAG, MIG, TIG and forming gases

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Functionalty of regulators

Pressure regulators are used for the withdrawal of gases from their packaging. 

The main function of a regulator is to reduce the cylinder's internal pressure so that the gas content can be used for the desired application. In the simple case of a single cylinder supply, the pressure regulator is connected directly onto the cylinder valve.

The operation of regulators is based on the forces acting on the valve cone, which are in equilibrium with each other.

Contributions to this equilibrium include, on the one hand, the forces of the closing spring and inlet pressure p1 and, on the other hand, the forces of the adjusting spring and outlet pressure p2.

The use of a diaphragm seals the gas cylinder content from the environment and is mechanically connected to the valve of the pressure regulator. With the adjusting screw on the pressure regulator, it is possible to change the adjusting screw pressure and thus set the desired outlet pressure.